Saturday, March 12, 2005

Strawberry Big Happy Cakes

I love Ichigo Daifuku(literally: Strawberry Big Happy Cakes), which are relatively new invention in mass sweets in Japan. Take a single strawberry, wrap it in anko (sweet bean paste), then wrap that in mochi (glutinous rice) and you have a damn good eating.

Ichigo Daifuku are seasonal-- they come out around Hinamatsuri time (doll festival time), as they are pretty girly food and (greenhouse) strawberries are in season in Japan.

It sounds simple but there are myriads of variations: sometimes the outside mochi is pink, the texture of the mochi varies widely from firm to pillowy, the thickness of the layer of mochi, the texture of the anko paste (smooth or bumpy), the type of strawberry. All of these details create a slightly different Ichigo Daifuku experience.

I am a bit of a Daifuku snob-- I will only buy fresh Daifuku, preferably from wagashi (traditional Japanese) sweet shop--nothing scary from the convenience store that looks mostly chemical. As I was traveling for work, I tried a Ichigo Daifuku in every town I was I in (and now will have to rededicate my life at the gym).

I had a terrible "Ichigo Daifuku " the other day. I bit into it, and there was yellow cake at the bottom, a wad of synthetic whipped cream, and single sad strawberry. Horrible!


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Travis said...

nothing from the kombini, does that mean yukimi daifuku are out? I had a strawberry yukimi daifuku the other day......interesting

At 11:57 PM, Blogger SomewhatAtlanticPacific said...

Definitely not a fan of Yukimi daifuku. I'm snotty like that. . .


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