Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bad Bear

One of the things that I never get used to in Japan are the "Good manners" posters on the subway. It seems so archaic to me to have a poster series to encourage good manners. Somehow, the idea that a corporation, which is what the Tokyo Metro is, should tell me how to behave galls me.

But I do see the point for little kids. Tokyo Metro have series of Bad Bears Manner Posters. These Steif like creatures are caught doing things on the train that are "bad manners"-- such as putting on make up, talking on a cell phone, or eating on the train.

I get it. The Bears are fuzzy and cute. They make little kids look twice. Thus, they (the kids, not the bears) learn what is and is not good behavior on a train.

And then I saw Drunk Bear.

Clearly little kids do not get drunk. But here is Drunk Bear, having the bad manners to be terribly drunk in public and being a danger to himself and others. We know he's drunk because the poster tells us he's drunk. Drunk Bear is clearly a middle aged "salary man"--he wears a tie to work. He's had a too many and stayed out too late. He's bought some omiyage (gift) for the family as penance.

Do Metro officials think that a 45 year old salary man will see Drunk Bear and think twice about his behavior?

Click here to see the whole series.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger rose of academe said...

I love these bears! What's the New Year's Day one - 'do not attempt to get married on the metro'?
And as the average drunk commuter has the emotional responses of a two year old, they seem pitched about right to me.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Travis said...

Okay I don't know what もっとスマイルメトロmeans, but c'mon I think the puns are fun. Like 腹鳴く/腹立つ and 酔ってる/寄ってる. Drunk bear is awesome! I love his reparatory sushi and tie!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger SomewhatAtlanticPacific said...

Dr. Rose!
The New Year's Bears are telling us that we should not forget our belongings on the train. . .


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